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5 Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

Ok so let's discuss health! You know what they say, health is wealth... and I couldn't agree more.

About 2 years ago I started my fitness journey. I became very serious about going to the gym, and working out. Once I graduated, and began working full-time I found I had a lot less time and energy to go to the gym. Having less time to workout, made me examine how healthy and active I was on my moments outside the gym.

Working out is such a great tool for living a healthier life but it can be hard to balance with life and constant responsibilities. If you don't have the time, money, energy, or whatever it might be to get to the gym consistently right now then I recommend you try adopting a few of my healthy lifestyle practices! These are easy, time and cost efficient ways to stay healthy and feel active.

1.) Strive for steps

Walking is one of the easiest and most underrated forms of exercise. I love that you can work and engage your muscles without breaking a sweat or exhausting yourself. If you're like me and have a desk job... then you might be shocked to see how few steps you walk during your day. Challenge yourself to spend 10 minutes at the end of lunch

walking! It'll kick start your digestive process, give you more energy for the second half of the day, and keep you active!

2.) H20 or bust

I try to only drink water. Once a week or so I may have a Coke or Lemonade at dinner but 99% of the time a water with lemon is my drink of choice! This has been huge for me in controlling my calorie intake. Reduce the amount of sugary drinks you consume, and you’ll definitely feel a difference!

3.) Snack time

So, I know the new trend is intermittent fasting. And for some I have seen it work wonders however for me this is not a trend that my body prefers. for me I prefer to be constantly eating. I carry fruit and other healthy snack options in my purse, just like your mom used to do growing up. Healthy snacking keeps your metabolism going throughout the day, and is filling to help curve the desire to eat unhealthy foods! I love having apple slices or grapes!

4.) Stairmaster

This one is pretty simple... STOP using the elevator if you’re only going 1 or 2 floors up. My new office building is 4 floors total so unless I’m going from floor 1 to floor 4; I take the stairs. It’s easy way to pick up your heart, and work on your calves.

5.) Semi-Veggie

My final tip is to try and go vegetarian for one meal, a day! I found this was easiest for me around lunch time. I love soup and salads! So instead of soup and sandwhich... try opting for a vegetable based meal. Cutting out the excess carbs and fats will have you energized and feeling healthier!

Thank you for reading! I hope some of these easy, everyday lifestyle changes can help you to feeling better about yourself inside and out. I will be posting workouts in 2020 so make sure to keep your eyes peeled! Make sure to subscribe to my blog for post notifications and go check out my YouTube Channel for more fashion styles, beauty tips, and lifestyle hacks! Add my blog to your bookmarks to always have access to tips in fashion, health, fitness, beauty, and more. Feel free to email or DM me for collab!

Bye with Grace

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