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5 Outfits with 1 Turtleneck

Every amazing wardrobe is built around classic apparel items. I love that with 1 pair of good jeans I can create outfits for the week!

As winter ends, and spring begins we are in this awkward time where it can be sunny one day, and snowing the next. This past winter I have found a new love for turtlenecks! I think as days start to get a bit warmer, but nights still hit low 20s a turtleneck is the perfect style piece to create cute, layered looks!

After 11 months, I have FINALLY made a new YouTube video to showcase the 5 outfits I created using just one black turtleneck. Keep reading for outfit details below! If any items are sold out, I have attached similar pieces that are still available for purchase.

Outfit 1




Outfit 2

Skirt *sold out from Nordstrom*

Belt *sold out from Zara*


Outfit 3


Jacket *sold out from Fashion Nova*


Outfit 4


Vest *sold out from Forever 21*


Outfit 5



Shoes *sold out from Nike*

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Bye with Grace

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