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Affordable Swimwear Options

So I don't think I can talk summer on my blog without talking swimwear! I really wanted to talk about which brands I prefer when shopping on a budget, and which affordable brands work best for curvier body types.

A lot of times I will find cheap bathing suits but they don't provide enough coverage or support. As I am only a size 8, I am sure my sisters in the sizes above must be having this issue as well. So with that being said, let's talk swimwear.

Assumedly, when someone thinks cheap swimwear... then mind instantly wonders to Forever 21, Fashion Nova, and other "fast fashion" brands. I personally haven't had terrible luck with these brands. I usually go to Forever 21 when I am looking for basics swimwear; if I need a plain black bottom, or white bikini top then F21 is typically the place I go.

I have found with most fast fashion brands that they don't typically fit curvy body types that well. Either there is not enough coverage for the cakes; or not enough support up top. So what's a curvier girl to do? Are we resigned to having to pay premium dollar for swimwear?

Well, I have actually had great success buying swimwear through Amazon. Every piece I have gotten off of Amazon had been provided great coverage and support; while still being sexy. One main difference between Amazon suits and other fast fashion brands is the quality of fabric. Amazon typically has thicker fabrics, which provide for a more supportive feel. Amazon's bottoms aren't always cut into thong or cheeky which also helps immensely with coverage and feeling comfortable in swimwear.

Being a tall, curvier woman, a lot of affordable and trendy brands seem to not be designed with my comfortability in mind. Regardless of body type, one should be able to be sexy, comfortable, and confident in their bathing suit! I have recently heard very good things about IconSwim, and this summer I plan to try them out. I'll make sure to right another post updating everyone on if it's worth the purchase.

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