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Black People Sunscreen?

It's finally summer! Time for long days in the sun, and endless nights of fun. That rhyme was corny, I know.

But in all seriousness summer is one of my favorite seasons because it’s ignites energy. A lively and vibrant energy that is almost hard to describe. Boat days, porch sitting, gardening, lounging by the pool, movies in the park; the outdoor options are really endless. I know we think it's all fun and games but an endless summer of outdoor activities DO come with responsibility; and that’s a responsibility to your skin!

Many of the my melinated queens and kings believe that melanin holds super powers that protect us from the sun... I am here to debunk this myth, melanin is not a UV ray repellent!

I have recently dived very deep in skincare, and how to improve my skin. I know I am late to the game, but later than never. Something I found myself struggling with is finding products specifically for black or brown people. Through my many "skincare for black people" google searches I found a black-owned, cruelty free skincare line! BLK + GRN, is a toxic-free, plant based company that creates products that cater to black and brown people.

Since it's summer, I decided the Black Girl Sunscreen was a good first investment into my skincare, and with BLK + GRN. The results are in and I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! First and foremost the sunscreen doesn't leave any ashy, purple streaks on your skin like almost every other brand I've tried. The lotion is smooth, and feels so light on my skin. Additionally, a little dab of the lotion goes a surprisingly long way. Lots of time when purchasing skincare products the price can really add up. Another thing I love about this product is that is so affordable. Only $19.00 dollars on their website, here.

I am excited to make the Black Girl Sunscreen a staple in my summer beauty necessities. Go read about my other summer beauty essentials, here. BLK + GRN has a multitude of beauty products and I am making next purchase soon! Support black-owned businesses and try out one of their products. The sunscreen isn't a bad place to start.

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Bye with Grace

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