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Clothes Shopping on Amazon

I love Amazon, and am an active Amazon Prime user. However, I was extremely hesitant to order clothes, and other apparel from Amazon because it often looked low quality to me. Since the prices are so much lower on Amazon, I assumed the fabrics, and cuts would worse quality. I assumed wrong. For my spring break trip to Miami to took a gamble and ordered 2 swimsuits, a t-shirt, 1 pair of earrings, and a fanny pack from Amazon. I LOVED every item! I was unable to wear my t-shirt while on vacation but it fits well, and is so comfortable. The earrings were high quality, and a great size for going out. The fanny pack was also high quality, and looked great with multiple outfits. The thing I was most nervous for was how the swimwear, specifically the bottoms would fit. I am 5'8", and normally wear a size 6/8. My waist is very small comparatively to my hips/butt. I often need my bottoms to be tight at the waist with a TON of stretch for my lower area. Much to my delight the swimsuits fit perfectly. Additionally,  the black and white They were tight so I felt secure, but also had enough stretch to fit all my curves. If you plan to order from Amazon make sure you read the customer reviews, and triple check their size chart to make sure you get the most bang for your buck. 

I attached links, and personal photos to all my purchases from Amazon, and look forward to shopping there more! 

Black & White Swimsuit

Orange Swimsuit

Fanny Pack

Thick Thighs T-shirt 


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