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Get in Formation: What to Wear for a Beyoncé Concert

Updated: Aug 10, 2018

I have been extremely lucky to see Queen B in concert. The Formation World Tour was the best concert experience of my life. I have seen Drake, Lil Wayne, Kendrick Lamar, Miguel, Mary J. Blige and more in concert! Beyonce has outperformed them all. Beyonce, and her husband Jay-Z, have just opened the American leg of their tour On the Run II. I got very lucky again, and was able to get free tickets to the concert! I am so excited for the production, the choreography, the costumes, and the over FLAWLESS show. 

Fangirling aside, the Beyonce concert is an opportunity to get in formation and SLAY! I am so excited to pick my outfit for the OTR II Tour. I have few tips and examples for anyone looking to have a bomb outfit and experience for the upcoming tour. 

1.) WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES! My first and possibly most important tip is to wear comfortable shoes. Everyone wants to wear their highest, and most severe pair of heels; but realistically there is no point in the pain. You are there to dance around, and get your life to your favorite Beyonce songs, I suggest wearing a bootie, fashion sneaker, or square high-heel.

2.) Wear fan gear! The concert is your time to get creative with your favorite Beyonce shirt or purse! Some fans go all out, and re-create their favorite Bey outfit. 

3.) Bring a small purse! Most stadiums won't allow you to bring in large bags, or purses. Some stadiums require any pure larger then a wristlet be see through; so check your stadiums policies BEFORE the concert. You wont be to be caught lugging around huge purse or losing items when Queen B takes the stage. Avoid that by having something small.

Thanks for reading my post on some of my travel tips! Don't be afraid, and go on that next journey! Go check out my Youtube Channel for more fashion styles. And make sure to bookmark my blog to get tips in fashion, health, fitness, beauty, and more. Also feel free to email or DM me for styling consulting. 

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