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January's Best Dressed Baller

Now, I could imagine if someone gave me 20 million dollars one of my FIRST stops would be the mall! Working in professional sports I have seen so many men making very bold fashion choices, and confidently so. Combining my passion for sports and fashion; my blog will now feature monthly the NBA's Best Dressed Baller!

Our first feature is DeAndre Jordan, Center for the Dallas Mavericks! One of the best dressed big men in the league; Jordan's style is casual and contemporary. A man after my own heart, he often completes his looks with a statement coat.

The coats he normally sports range from $100 to $10,000. He keeps fashion fun, and sometimes affordable occasionally seen rocking Forever 21 and ASOS. The Vetements camo scarf coat he wore retails at $4,210. However, the blue plaid Collusion coat is currently on sale for $61.50.

Check back next month to see the NBA's Best Dressed Baller of the Month!

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