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My Travel Tips

In the past year I have been very fortunate enough to travel to Los Angeles, Miami, Atlanta, London, Amsterdam, Rome, and Paris, twice! In my experiences traveling I have learned a lot of do's and don'ts to a successful trip. It's best to keep an open mind of what a successful trip means to you. I try to spend most of time, and expenses on exposing myself to food, and culture. That doesn't save much money for shopping, or souvenirs; but I have found that leaves more time to make memories instead of buying them. 

As long as you're open to new cultures, and experiences every trip can be successful. Whether you're taking a road-trip to a near-by city like Atlanta, or taking your first trip abroad to Paris these tips are guaranteed to be helpful. 

1.) Never pack more than you can carry

I can't stress this enough. Almost everyone has the issue of overpacking. Leaving home for long periods of time can be overwhelming; and overpacking is a common way to deal with anxiety. However, I learned very early on that carting heavy luggage around an airport, train station, or hotel. My most recent trip to Paris was accommodated by an Airbnb up four flights of stairs. It was a saving grace I could manage to get all my items up in one trip. 

2.) Be flexible 

I understand wanting to spend specific dates in a city. However, there are different prices for flights and hotels depending on the day you book. Also prices have extreme variation depending on what city you fly in and out of. To travel abroad I flew out of Toronto which is 4 hours from hometown and saved myself almost $300. If you keep an open mind you may be able to save hundreds of dollars on a flight. 

3.) Save with Hostels & Airbnbs

I can't remember the last time I checked into a hotel. I love and live by Airbnb and hostels. If you have never stayed in an Airbnb or hostel it may be intimidating to trust a new environment; but I can confidently say I have never felt unsafe or uncomfortable using alternative methods to a hotel. Hostels can be extremely clean, comfortable, and far more luxury, for less dollar. 

4.) Make a memory

You're only given so much time on your trip so make sure to take the time and focus every experience. Take in the sights, the smells, the food, the culture; everything about the new experience! The good, and the bad will teach you something about yourself you didn't know before. New cultures always leave doors open for new growth. 

Thanks for reading my post on some of my travel tips! Don't be afraid, and go on that next journey! Go check out my Youtube Channel for more fashion styles. And make sure to bookmark my blog to get tips in fashion, health, fitness, beauty, and more. Also feel free to email or DM me for styling consulting. 

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