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My Wash N' Go Routine

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

Alright, as promised here is my current wash n go routine.

With my busy work schedule, and attempts to have a personal life; I do not have the time or energy to an extensive wash-day process. If you are interested in reading on my wash-day routine make sure to comment on this post, Instagram, Youtube, or Facebook! My wash n' go routine is similar to my wash-day... efficient! I can break it down into 5 simple steps.

1.) Apply deva curl decadence conditioner, onto extremely damp hair

-comb through with finger, or denman brush

2.) Finger curl, frizzier or coarser sections of hair

3.) Thoroughly apply devacurl Arc angel gel to curls

4.) Spray with devacurl curl creator throughout hair

5.) Diffuse

Typically, my wash n' go's last me 1 to 2 weeks. I maintain them by sleeping with my hair up in a pineapple; and refreshing my curls as needed with added water, decadence conditioner, and a little Arc Angel Gel. I have found this routine to actually be easiest and most manageable with my career; while being more less restrictive and edge-damaging as ponytails or buns. You can watch my full wash n' go routine on my YouTube Channel below!

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Bye with Grace

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