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New Year, New Post: Sunday's Best

For another holiday surprise I am blogging about a Sunday outfit that didn't involve Brunch! Although I do not go as consistently as I should, I do enjoy going to church. I was raised Catholic so every Sunday my mother dressed us in suits, dresses, white socks, and all. This standard has trickled into the way I now dress myself for church. I believe it is a nice courtesy to dress modestly at church, similar to business professional attire. One Sunday this past fall, I wore an outfit that has become one of my favorites from 2017! 

I wore an old pair of Lucky Brand jeans; the jeans are no longer available in this color but they do still carry the cut and style. With the colored denim, I work a silk blouse from Banana Republic, paired with a adorable navy blazer by Ralph Lauren. Additionally, wore a pair of nude, patent leather pumps by Sam Edelman. I loved this look, and received several compliments on the outfit. The red pants provided a pop of color to my outfit, and the blazer completed my look. Below is my completed outfit, as well as links to purchase similar styles!

Outfit links below!

Shirt - Shoes - Pants - Blazer

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