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Office Lookbook

As I start to get settled into my new job, and develop a routine. I have had the extra time in the morning to try different outfits, and expand my style. While I was in undergrad, I felt confined to not overdress, or be too flashy. However, I also did not have to worry about if leggings were appropriate. Working full-time is challenging my sense of style, and pushing it to a more mature and completed look. My style is beginning to transition out of "basics" and into more statement pieces, and bold choices. I still love my classic outfits, and all black ensembles but now am combining them with colorful purses, or patterned coats.

Below are some of my favorite outfits I have rocked this fall! I am looking forward for to the challenge of being fashionable in sub-zero degree temperatures heading into the winter season. I also linked some of my favorite brands to shop at currently below!

Shop most of these looks at:

  • ZARA

  • Calvin Klein

  • Nordstrom (Nordstrom Rack)

  • ASOS

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