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Spring 2019 Trends: Polo and Pastels

Everyone is discussing the spring trend of neon, and don't get me wrong I LOVE NEON... but what about days I'm not feeling so loud? The answer, pastels.

While the world focused on neon, some have missed that pastels have also come back into style! Now what I love about pastels is that you can rock color without it being so bold. Anyone who knows me, knows I love a bold outfit but sometimes a hot pink or neon yellow isn't always appropriate. Additionally, pastels offer a fun take on spring fashion without incorporating floral patterns. Over Christmas, I was gifted the cutest pajama shirt I had ever seen. This was a pin-striped, lavender, Ralph Lauren Polo... PaJAma sHiRt??? I think not. The shirt was far too cute to sleep in and just long enough to convert into a dress! I wore it around Downtown last Saturday and got so many compliments! Little did they know I was rocking my PJs. Go shop the look below!

Shop here:

Ralph Lauren Essentials Woven Sleep Shirt - $59.00

Marc Fisher Adia Booties - $65.98 *not exact shoe I had on, similar option*

Zara Tweed Chair Purse - $50.00 *sold out, available on Poshmark*

Red Belt from Fashion Nova Jogger set *similar option w/o joggers*

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Bye with Grace

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