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Summer Beauty Essentials

Here in Michigan, we basically go from winter to summer. Spring is cold, gray, and rainy... then all of sudden the skies break and we get 75 degree weather! Summer in Michigan is one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever seen.

With the change in weather, comes a change in hair routine, skin routine, and wardrobe choices! There are a few essentials beauty items that are MUST-HAVES for this summer. I have reviewed each of my favorite products below; as well as provided links to go shop. These are products that I have grown to be obsessed with and couldn't help but share!

1.) If I could dive head first in Fenty Beauty's Body Lava... I would. Last summer, I was not able to buy the limited edition body lava; so I knew this year I had to have it! The "Brown Sugar" Body Lava is golden brown shine, that feels soft as lotion, and smells delicious. Essentially, this is bottled black girl magic. It also comes in two other colors, that I'm sure would look great on any race! I was nervous that the lava might leave stains; but so far I haven't had one issue. Non-surprisingly Rihanna does it again! Body lava is my #1 must have essential this summer. Shop here!

2.) Kiehl's is a beauty and hair brand that produces everything from anti-aging lotion to men's shaving cream. My mom introduced my to Kiehl's Lip Balm, and my lips haven't been the same! With other chapstick brands I have often found my needing to re-apply the chapstick several times in the hour. With Kiehl's it lasts much longer despite eating, or drinking. Additionally, my bare have become so much softer. Definitely, a great product to help keep your lips moisturized and shining in the summer sun. Shop here!

3.) My last summer essential is called "Brazilian Bum Bum Cream" Yes you read that correctly. Bum Bum Cream! The travel-size lotion has become a new favorite since my cousin, Sydney, introduced it to me. The lotion applies smooth, and isn't too heavy which is good for hot summers. It smells so great; and is said to have skin-tightening effects. It is great body/hand lotion to carry with you this summer. Shop here!

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