• Miranda Turner

Summer Trends: Mules

I tried to fight it... I really tried my best, but it's happened. I am obsessed with mules! For those asking, a mule is a style of shoe that has no back or constraint around the foot's heel. This summer, I have already bought 3 pairs of mules and gifted myself a few pairs from my mother's closet. (lol) They can be worn as the cutest accessory to a casual summer outfit, or the finishing touch to an evening look. Mules are unique and trendy shoes which are very easy to style. They became popular in Spring 2019, with the signature block heel mule. They have completely taken over the shoe world with flats, thin heel, block heel and bootie mules.

Since, COVID-19 took over our reality one benefit I've noticed is a reduce is retail prices! The sales prices are jumping, and this is great time to buy that item you've been eyeing. Below is a list of adorable mules, ALL ON SALE; no shoe on the list is over $50!

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