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DevaCurl Review

I’ll be honest, the first I used DevaCurl Products... I hated the results. I reluctantly decided to give them another try, but this time with a salon specializing in DevaCuts & Curls. There I learned why my first attempt had gone so wrong, and then taught me how to best use DevaCurl while styling my hair. After leaving the salon I knew my hair regime was about to change! I LOVED MY HAIR! It felt clean, and light but still had amazing definition.

After leaving the salon, I was able to wear my hair down for the week following! I only need slight touch-ups each morning and my hair was good to go! I had never experienced this with other natural products that are sulfate free.

I’ve fallen down the DevaCurl rabbit hole, and have found myself surrounded by products! I believe to find the right hair routine it takes a lot of trial and error with various products. However with DevaCurl, you really only NEED 2 products but I PREFER to use 4 to prefect my wash-n-go. The 2 products I recommend everyone have are the Conditioner & the styling Gel.

DevaCurl products come in three different types for different curl textures and porosity. “Porosity is the hair’s ability to absorb and retain water and water-soluble products.” Aka, hair porosity refers to how easily your hair absorbs moisture. There are different porosity levels, and this can affect which products you choose to style your hair. *list decadence, etc*Depending on the texture, and porosity of your hair you should pick which level you belong in. I have extremely thick, type 3b/c hair and use decadence level products. And for all my type 4s, starting to feel weary; fear not, I have seen photos of these products working in your texture as well!

To apply these products, have a wet and clean head. I don’t mean damp, I mean wet! Fun fact, DevaCurl products are activated by water! So this mean the more water you use, the better they work; keep that spray bottle handy. First, section of your head and apply conditioner. I won’t dare say a dime-size because my natural girls know better! Apply the conditioner generously, and don’t forget the water. Next, the styling the gel. Apply the gel to each section generously; and scrunch your hair up after you apply the product.

These are really the only two products you must have. However, I also wash my hair with their NoPoo Shampoo, because it’s sulfate free and soft on my hair. I also have found my hair reacts better to products when I have consistency of brand. I use, the styling spray at the end of my process for added hold, and definition. I recommend you diffuse or blow dry you hair for the best results.

Thanks for reading my post on my DevaCurl Experience! Go check out my Youtube Channel for more fashion styles. And make sure to subscribe to my blog to get tips in fashion, health, fitness, beauty, and more. Also feel free to email or DM me for styling consulting. 

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